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Swiss Coffee

Coffee, coffee, coffee. It’s a precious morning tradition…waking up to a fresh cup of joe and sipping while I read. Yeah, I know…I sound like a Folgers commercial. The thought makes me shudder, as nothing about Folgers is enticing. However, the love and appreciation of my morning tradition just got a whole lot better. We were just given a gift that coffee lovers world-wide would drool over. Yep, we have been blessed with the talent and precision of a Swiss made coffee wonder. “The Juro Capresso” is the name and let me tell you…coffee is their game! Espresso, frappuccino, frothy delicious drinks at the push of a button. I understand the long standing Folgers slogan better now (with a slight change)…”the best part of wakin’ up is Juro in your cup!


Ok—before you decide I’m a complete loon let me tell you a story. Well, first I think we can all agree the Swiss know how to make stuff. Hello…CHOCOLATE, coffee, the ever-so-handy swiss army knife, fondue, then there is the adorable, giant fluff-ball of a dog that rescue’s you when you are lost in the mountains, swiss watches…the list goes on! And yes, and the Swiss Alps! Ok…they can’t take credit for those, but they are spectacular! So, the Swiss know how to make stuff.


Back to my story. I first fell in love with the Swiss Coffee makers about 10 years ago. My daughter Kaitlin and I along with a few other friends went on a mission trip to Switzerland. We were there to help serve at 2 churches Vacation Bible School, or as the Swiss say, “Kinder Ferien Spass.” I’m sure I butchered the spelling but you get the idea.


We had just arrived and after a fit-full night of non sleep, coffee sounded great. The family we were staying with had to leave early for work, so we were on our own. Upon entering the kitchen, we saw this machine. It could have been glowing and had a halo above it…it was a thing of beauty. It was indeed, the spectacular machine where you just pushed a button and wahlah, a great cup of espresso! One problem. Back then these machines did not come geared for the techy impaired…no pictures next to the buttons. Just words and everything was in German. We could NOT get the machine to work. 


Have no fear! Evan Brown is near. There is something wonderful about having a brilliant/quirky/creative kid at your disposal. You never quite know what’s going to happen—any moment could be a memorable one. Evan did not disappoint. Even though he was only 16ish at the time…he too was on a mission for coffee. Evan began jotting down every word on the machine. I’m thinking “Yea, like that’s gonna help,” me of little faith. Next thing, he’s bouncing up the stairs. Before long we hear cries of joy…well it was more like squeals. Evan had found the computer, which was all in German…and the keyboard is funky, and he found a translator web-site and proceeded to translate all the words he had written down. He came down the stairs wearing a grin and pushed a few button’s and (can you hear the hallelujah chorus) made me a cup of coffee. Evan became my hero that day. So, as I am pushing buttons (with pictures) on my fabulous Swiss Coffee maker this morning, I sit back, smile and think of Evan Brown. 


By the way—if you happen to see me bouncing off the walls, it’s ok to tell me to back off the espresso’s. 

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Flourishing in the light.

Here I am, a novice but lover of the written word, however quite skilled in speaking it. I don’t mean speaking well, I just mean talking. Ask anyone who knows me…it’s tough to get a word in with me around! I’m certain I blow the “normal words spoken per human a day” out of the water. We will see how I contain my written word. I fear it won’t be much different—other than I won’t have an audience. At least not one that can talk back.


So, I write. Life on a lily pad. I am profoundly amazed by lily-pads. Not only because of their obvious beauty, but because of the symbolism in them. Now, it may be only my interpretation of them…but this is my blog! 


They are profound to me for many reasons. Firstly, lily pads flourish in sunlight. They actually “seek it out.” Their growth is reliant on the amount of sunlight they get. If they have too much shade, they don’t bloom! Is sounds so much like me. I rely on Jesus in my life. The Bible says “He is the light of the world.” How much of creation flourishes when they seek the light? More than we know…I would imagine. I have also found that when I am not seeking, when I am isolated and alone, like the lily-pad without light, I don’t “bloom,”  I cease to be who God made me to be. I cease to live a fruitful, meaningful life! 


The other super cool thing about lily-pad’s is their root system. It is extensive and quite deep. SO deep that even in the coldest environments, in icy winters, the roots in the water are below the “freeze zone” therefore they survive when they should die. I find myself in this analogy as well. Do I have a “root system” a foundation that enable’s me to survive in any situation? My foundation and my salvation is in God and I, like a lily-pad have found it is all I need. Despite being quite fragile in nature they survive and thrive. I too wish not only to survive…but to truly thrive!


The other symbolism I glean from the ever-so-lovely lily-pads is the pad themselves. How much rescue and rest do they provide for the tiny travelers of the world seeking the other side of the pond? Ok—I’m getting too literal, but do you see it? How often does the future seem unattainable? Too far to reach, to difficult to travel? If God provides these precious pads not only as resting places for His creatures—but also as unexpected refuge and safety for them, how much more does He provide for us?

So this is me. Living life on a lily pad, welcoming God’s rest and refuge when it comes, seeking the light…and His prompting and help to take the next step to get to the other side when it’s time. 


So, first post…not short, but hopefully sweet. 

Coming soon…

Hello friends. Yep. I did it. I joined the chasm that is the world of blog. I have yet to have the time to truly write, but I wanted to alert you that my first post will be coming soon! 


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